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Seiki CV: Daniela Coronelli


I completed my Shiatsu formal training in 1988 with the Healing-Shiatsu Education Centre in Herefordshire, where I was trained to integrate Shiatsu with Mindfulness meditation in my work with clients. In the same year I started practicing Shiatsu in Bristol, at the Centre of Whole Health, and in 2000 I moved to Totnes, where I re-established my Shiatsu practice and taught in the ‘Devon School of Shiatsu’ until 2008. I was invited to teach in Shiatsu Schools in Bristol and Italy (my birth country) and I was part of the Shiatsu Society’s assessment panel for a number of years.


I began to give Seiki, alongside Shiatsu treatments, in 2004, in Totnes, Devon. My Seiki training with Akinobu Kishi started in 2003, until 2011, in numerous five-day residential and three-day courses, in the UK and Italy. In 2005, I had the privilege to attend a month long Seiki retreat in Japan, organised and run by Akinobu and Kyoko Kishi. During the retreat, I was introduced to the arts of Tea Ceremony, Zen Calligraphy and Waraku, a Japanese Martial Art founded by Maida Sensei. Under the umbrella of ‘Life Healing Arts’, we organised three residential and one three-day Seiki courses for Kishi and Kyoko, in Devon, which were fully booked and appreciated by those who attended.


Since 2007, I have enjoyed facilitating an annual programme of Seiki Weekend courses in Devon and, in 2012, I was invited to teach it in Jersey. In my Seiki training, I include Amerta Movement & Mindfulness Meditation practices, to enhance understanding and facilitation of individual and group healing. I have practised, and was extensively trained in both the above skills, since the early 1990s.


Many participants have reported how these courses have benefited them and their work with others

(see Seiki Teaching Testimonials).


I am open to be invited to facilitate a Seiki Course near where you live, if you would like to organise an interested group.


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