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Seiki as a Way of Personal and Professional Development


The invitation, in Seiki, is to observe our human nature and to see things as they are, beyond the lenses of attachment to our desires or resistance towards what life brings that we feel is unwanted. The aim of the Seiki practice is to achieve a natural balance in life, following our core desires, yet learning to recognize those patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving that cause us stagnation and eventually can develop into serious sickness.


Noticing how we create these patterns of tension and fixity in our body and mind is often the first step towards releasing them. Release gives way to being more alive and authentic, as well as becoming more sensitive to what it is that is needed in order to be healthy and happy.


Cultivating Seiki can give us access to two Keys: one that opens the door to practical methods that support our body systems to function well, to balance emotions and enhance our ability to engage with life from a source of wisdom. These include Zen hara based practices of Gyoki, Katsugen, Kotodama and Waraku which expand and refine our Ki sensitivity, gradually revealing our original movement.


The second key opens the door to assist others to recognize their process of natural healing by resonance. As we learn to “walk our talk” we can share by example and foster a genuine sense of empathy and co-operation for those who are going through a similar path.


Resonance here is taught by two way sensitive body-work, movement in pairs and in small groups. It involves learning how to make sensitive contact through “Gyoki” and in tune with the receiver’s breath; how to observe where and when to make contact; to remain present and allow the feelings that arise in the receiver as a result of the contact, to move through; when to give space and to recognise that change has occurred.


The experiential feeling and movement that arise between giver and receiver, during the exchange, is considered the primary field of study in Seiki. Observation and facilitation of what arises from the felt experience, with an attitude of curiosity and compassion to how the healing unfolds, is the main invitation here. Those who have studied Shiatsu or other therapies are encouraged to set aside their formal training, to make space for direct experience and the individual learning that opens us to find our own truths.


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