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Seiki is an approach to selfhealing. It is also a manual KiTherapy, developed by the late Japanese Shiatsu Teacher, Akinobu Kishi, who spent most of his life researching and demonstrating the process of human healing. It is Kishi’s legacy to the Shiatsu and the therapeutic bodywork world, as well as a vehicle for discovering a balanced and “more” authentic way of consciously living in resonance with nature and the wider experience of being alive and well on this planet.


In our busy, often disconnected, modern life, overcrowded with everchanging information, Seiki shows how we can cultivate and facilitate healing effectively, while cutting through the excessive authority of academic methods, theories and techniques. Drawing from Japanese and Western traditions, it invites us to explore life creatively, with presence and an empathic responsibility towards our inner nature, our environment and shared human condition.


At the heart of Seiki, health and disease are seen as aspects of our relationship to life and the therapeutic

invitation here is how to address the balance in one’s own life movement rather than focusing on mending “illhealth”.

For this, Seiki is also being practised as a guide to selfhealing

and development.


Seiki’s greatest contribution to the evolution of manual therapy, however, rests in the experiential approach

and skills this method has developed to assist life’s natural ability to process and recover from disease.

Every client, and the condition they bring, is welcomed with mindfull attention towards what is actually

showing in their body/mind at the time, and responded to through empathy, which guides the contact to

where their body calls for it. There are no standardised techniques used as it is understood that the road to

recovery is original for each person.


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